Friday, March 30, 2007

Thursdays - the New Friday.

Last night we went out for dinner for a coworker's birthday at Uva in downtown Napster. I had a spinach salad (yummy) and the asparagus gnocchi. It was delicious but the pancetta was too salty and there was too much cheese. That's right, you heard *me* say too much cheese. I really didn't think that was possible! Maybe I was still full from the two MASSIVE slices of Filippi's pizza I had for lunch at the warehouse. In any event, yes, there was too much cheese.

A bottle of Etude Pinot, Elyse Zin and an Italian Barbera were ordered - they were all divine. The Pinot was smooth and delightful, the Zin was a kick in the shorts, but the Barbera was by far the best. At only $36 a bottle - it was a steal and more than worth the price. I'll have to see if anyone remembers the producer and find it somewhere.

We capped off the night at n.v. - which I think stands for Napa Valley. In SF, there's a club called Club NV so I always think of that when I hear people talk about n.v. in Napster. It was swank and mod - I dug it. And guess what - there's a Mervyn's in Napa! Why did I not realize this? It just seems random to me...and why can't it be a Macy's? Ok, or an Old Navy.

Cheers to finally writing about wine again!

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