Monday, March 26, 2007

What Is the Deal?

My life has been a whirlwind! Moving out of the condo completely, learning this job, moving, cleaning, moving, cleaning, setting up, taking down, eating at Chevy's two nights in a row...what a weekend.

I wanted yesterday to be the last day I was in the condo except to clean and then get my stuff out when I sell (please be soon...). Wenis came over and helped all day - moving and packing and moving and emptying. My realtor came over in the morning and we all went to look at the 2bdr/2ba that just sold. It wasn't as awesome as it looked online which is good for me! Around 1, Wenis and I went to the open house next door to mine (hope to crush the competition) and I proceeded to completely lie to the realtor. I told her I knew nothing of the complex, that I was just looking at open houses, the lies go on and on. It wouldn't be so bad except that she kept drilling me, and then I ended up giving her my full real name! What was I thinking! At that point, Wenis and I couldn't move more out of my condo because she'd see us, so we took what we had to the new Napa house. I'm a dork. Where's my t-shirt that proclaims that?

I decided to sleep in the Napa house last night for the first time. It was pretty cool, but the frogs are SO loud and a lovely rooster starts its open mic night at 6am. That was not a pleasant sound.

This morning, I started up the shower and tried to find clothes in the disaster zone that is my house. The water was cold. It wasn't getting warmer. At all. I realized then that no one ever changed the hot water heater back to normal - the previous owners had it set to "Vacation." "Vacation" does not give me a warm shower. My only option at this point is to throw on some clothes and head to the office, where there are showers in the bathroom. The only clothes I could find were the jeans I wore yesterday, complete with paint and dirt, and a zip up sweater with nothing underneath. Let me tell you - I was HOT. I got my hair done on Saturday afternoon, and she styled it like they do with lots of product, which by this morning looked greasy and dirty and mullet-y. I burst into the office, plowing past the receptionist and hopped in the shower.

Once again, I had to get ready for work somewhere other than my own bathroom. And the stories, they just keep a'comin'.

Cheers to showers at work, frogs and roosters!

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