Monday, September 23, 2013

In Other News... I'm a Finalist!

I submitted an idea to one of the coolest campaigns I've seen all year: Marriott's Travel Brilliantly contest. From a social media manager's point of view, I love this campaign because it takes listening to consumers to a whole new level. They want feedback on how to improve the guest experience and they will work with the winner on their idea. Very cool. Crowd-sourcing heaven. User generated content (UGC) heaven. As a consumer, the prizes are cool, the fact that they're listening to me makes me want to enter and they used correct grammar: Travel BrilliantLY. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, it's NOT called Travel Brilliant. Honestly, I entered the contest because it was grammatically correct. Nerd alert for sure...

Anyway, I am one of five winners of round 2. The contest has ended and now the Marriott team is working on picking the grand prize winner. I want this. It's an international trip to work on your idea with Marriott. Yep. I want it badly. BadLY. In the meantime, take a look at my prize! Talk about a geek's dream...Jawbone Up, Pocket Cell Duo battery pack, Yurbuds sport earbuds, Trakdot luggage tracker, Rigaudi fold and play speakers, Epic mobile projection keyboard and Royre passport cover!

Cross your fingers & toes for me!


*** said...

I found your comment about entering the contest solely on the premise of quality spelling to be amusing. Yes, our society's level of writing is dropping rapidly. Until that is, I read the following in one of your other posts...

I was able to grow multiple brands to very high numbers

You can't grow brands. You increase them. This new phenomenon by Americans to grow inanimate objects scares me.

Wine Chick said...

I definitely value good grammar! I do see your point on the word "grow" versus "increase." I do think that brands can grow, in a sense. There is a reason some brands are considered "mature" brands. Given the amount of time a product has been in the market, its branding may change and adjust depending on the general marketplace, new consumer segments and buying habits and overall economic state. While I don't think "grow" and "increase" can be used interchangeably per se, I do think that when referring to a brand's marketing tactics and channels, a brand can grow, adapting to a changing landscape and will then increase in sales/engagement/impressions/defined KPIs.

Maybe I should have said, "I was able to grow to very high numbers the social media presence and engagement for multiple brands..."

Thank you for your comment.