Sunday, January 16, 2011

Living for Today

I am going to try to move past all the bad things that have happened by living just for today. I know it's a little like the Serenity Prayer in AA, but honestly, every time Dear Abby prints that thing, I try to memorize it.

This weekend was great. Nothing huge happened, no crazy nights out, didn't meet Prince Charming. This weekend just was, and it was fun. No huge plans = random days. A couple hours of walking in the sun, a couple hours chilling at the coffee shop, a couple hours of a movie, a couple hours of shopping and dinner, a couple hours of Rockband. I'm pretty sure that makes for an awesome Saturday.

Today was great too! A day in the city with my folks, hit up Rayko Photo Center for their Kodachrome exhibit, saw my dad's office, had some great Thai. Oh and I started the day with the longest run I've done in years - 3.4 miles.

If I can keep my focus just on today, I should be ok.


Kelly said...

Uh, you ran over 3 miles? Dude!

TariNenharma said...

This is true...focus and today and everything will be alright ;)