Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cranky Pants.

Life isn't always ice cream and sprinkles. It just isn't. Anyone who acts like it is can suck it.

Today, I actually got up and ran. That's three times this week. I hope I can keep it up. Made me feel pretty good about myself.

I headed to work, arrived a bit late which I'm ok with because I ran, and realized I had left my computer at home. Back into the car I go.

I get home, retrieve my computer, contemplate putting my PJs back on and just calling it a day, and head back to the office.

Somewhere along the highway, I heard a pop and then wind wooshing around. A quick window check reveals that all of my windows are intact and indeed closed. A quick open of the sun shade  reveals that my sunroof has shattered into bits and it's all bad. I go to work.

I spend too much time of my very busy day on the phone with insurance claims agents, body shops and more insurance agents. I take my car over to the body shop where they tape plastic on the roof so I don't get rained on tomorrow while they wait for the insurance company and glass order to come in.

I head home to work from there because really? Can I not catch ONE break in this life?

I thought, ya know what I need? Comfort food. What better than chili on this chilly night in the slow cooker? That way I don't need to do anything but plop it all in and turn it on. I did just that.

I just went into the kitchen, 2 hours later, to stir my concoction. Who's the fool who forgot to PLUG THE SLOW COOKER IN? Oh that'd be me.

Awesome. Guess I'll have chili tomorrow. Good thing it's an ice box in that kitchen - probably colder than my actual refrigerator. And if I get food poisoning from the ground turkey sitting on the counter for 2 hours then we'll just tack that on to a so far sucky year.

Please let something good happen soon. Lottery, maybe?

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Anonymous said...

dogs do not know it is not bacon.

--Theodore Interwebz.