Thursday, December 1, 2011

Business Idea #74384242

I need to start a gym where the classes aren't classes at all. They're in those little rooms with the wood floors but there's just awesome music playing & you just go in there and dance for as long as you want. I'm pretty sure this would work. I HATE the gym but I love to shake it like a Polaroid picture so why not put both together and have a dance gym. Not Zumba or Jazzercise, just like a club but everyone is in gym clothes. You know you'd kill for this when at real clubs you're wearing shoes you can't even walk in, let alone dance in. At my gym, you'll be in tennies! And if you get sweaty, that's ok! It's the point! No need to worry about lookin' good because you're just there to work out.

I think I'd call it Dance-Off. Only $29 a month, no contract or sign up fee. 

I was also thinking that this gym would have Wiis & Kinects all over and you could just play those too. But no just sitting there. If Just Dance is on, you have to get up and move. If you're playing tennis, you have to get up and play. If you're playing Rock Band, you have to rock out as if you're really on tour. Boxing is always up & ready to go. How fun would this gym be!


MissKay said...

This is the greatest idea I have ever read.... and I stumbled onto it by accident. You could possibly be a genius!

Wine Chick said...

Well, thanks! That's so nice of you. I swear though, I'd do it!! The rooms could be darker so that no one's embarrassed :) It would be so cool!

morgan said...

I'm a little behind on reading this...but I think it's a FABU idea!!