Thursday, May 26, 2011

Random Thoughts

Here is my own version of Ruminations for today.
  • Is anyone else a tad creeped out by American Apparel online ads? No? Just me?
  • I would kill to work for myself. Well, not kill I guess. Then I'd be in jail and STILL be workin' for the man.
  • The Northern Lights are sick. (Hey, 1995 called. They want "sick" back.)
  • I think Fon du Lac, Wisconsin is one of the coolest city names ever.
  • Other cool words: Albequerque and alopecia (definition notsomuch)
  • There are those who say, "I have an idea!" and let you decide it's worth and then there are those who say, "I have a great idea!" and are arrogant jerks.
  • Streaming Netflix through my Wii is awesome. Really, really awesome. Now I wish I could stream Hulu through my Wii. Life would be complete. Almost.
  • Why does it seem so difficult to win the lottery?
  • I love one hit wonders. And bad TV.
More to come...


    the scarecrow said...

    Never seen an American Apparel online ad. Now that you've called them creepy, though, I'm tempted to look them up (curiosity killed, etc).

    I'd kill to work for me, except I wouldn't because I'd be an awful boss. Probably. I'm scared to find out.

    I wish I could time travel so I can win the lottery. Then of course I may have displacement issues and risk certain death kinda like Henry DeTamble. I wish I could anyway.

    One hit wonders are cool, but not when it's M.C.Hammer.

    Wine Chick said...

    Your comment is awesome. Thanks for posting - made my day. I swear, those American Apparel ads give me the heebie jeebies....emaciated chicks. Check. Weird clothes. Check. Empty stares. Check.

    HA on MC Hammer....but honestly where would I be without U Can't Touch This? Really!