Monday, June 29, 2009

Weeds & Other News

I've started up with Weeds again after a short hiatus (just started season 2 last night - thank you, Z, for my Watch Instantly Netflix access!!) and I'll tell ya...MLP annoys me. She always looks like a deer in headlights. The premise is funny I guess, though slightly sad and pathetic, and maybe that's why she acts so lame most of the time. She's trying to come off naive and green to the business (ha - yes, pun intended) but most of the time she's coming off as stupid. And she doesn't even partake in the merchandise...all in all, my review of Weeds is that it's ok. Addicting, but just ok. Hopefully it'll get better even though I hear it gets worse...

In other news, Tahoe was insanely awesome this weekend - the weather was hot and clear, the company was great, craps was awesome, and the dancing rocked!
{Me, Q, C - happy to have a weekend away!}

{Q and Arthur the awesome lounge DJ!}


Lakeside Inn is my absolute favorite casino in South Lake for gambling - cheaper tables, friendly staff, and $2 drinks. Bummer they took out their roulette table a few years back but roulette is a money sucker anyway. I do like it, but I have found that my favorite game right now is craps! Why don't I play that lovely game of chance EVERY TIME I gamble? It's so much more fun! We played $2 hands and were able to learn the ropes even more in the middle of a Sunday afternoon. Nope, didn't walk away with my mortgage payment, but had a blast for an hour and $20. That's worth it. Ya know what else was worth it? Q's banter back and forth with the dealers. I will say that at a table full of true craps players, 3 chicks with $20 have a great time.

Cheers to Tahoe! (as always.)

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