Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So I kind of haven't done much of anything on my list. Something I did do was join the gym on Monday, actually went to the gym on Tuesday, and thought about going today. Pretty good for me. 

I have a secret TV love: The Starter Wife. I usually talk about my love of trashy reality TV, shows like Rock of Love (how can you not love Bret Michaels' incessant references to Every Rose Has Its Thorn and the weave under his bandana?), Rock of Love Charm School (Thou Shalt Rock It With Style), American Idol bad singers (HUGE props to Julie's Journal where I found this hilarious blog entry about one of my most memorable AI 'singers' - I specifically like the "would you please harness those udders!" - awesome.), and many, many more (oh, like Bad Girls Club....shoot me now but I love it) that I truly got DVR for again.

Back to The Starter Wife. Now, I am a fan of Debra Messing (I heart Will & Grace - and I heart Mr. Durfee's site dedicated to W&G!). Her mannerisms and commentary are just so funny. I watched the miniseries when it came out, and have been watching the show religiously since it started this season. I know some of it's a little far-fetched, but have you watched Desperate Housewives lately? No? Ok, well I have, and it's pretty out there. I do not watch TV to have it mirror real life. What's the fun in that? I already live real life, and for the most part, it's not exciting at all. Throw me some chick fights, ex-hair band losers, murders in Beverly Hills, tornadoes, random health issues that only one man can solve, two business fires, and a good solid mystery and I'm game. All I ask is that no more than two good shows come on at the same time (my DVR can only handle two) and we're all good.

I swear I get off the couch sometimes. Really. I do.

Cheers to bad TV and joining the gym! Now if I could just get the two to hold hands and be a couple, we'd have a nice and tidy family here.


CL said...

Dude. I totally love it too! It totally cracks me up. Those writers are clever ;-)

Wine Chick said...

YAY - I knew I had you as my Starter Wife cohort.

Michael said...

Megan -- I would like to volunteer to help you with #19 on your list -- part 1. I'll be back in Mendicino in 2 weeks. :-) Not seen the starter wife -- looking forward to Big Love...