Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Crazy Thursday

I haven't yet written about the party-hopping Thursday night a couple of weeks ago. We started that week insanely busy with work because our team had flown in for a 3 day meeting. As much as I hate sitting in a grey conference room that lacks windows or normal temperatures, I learned so much! But I digress...this post is about parties not work.

We headed from work to a pouring at the Culinary Institute, then from there, to the Chandon Pink Party. I hadn't had the pleasure of attending a Chandon Pink Party to date, so this was big for me. Decked in boas and pink eyelashes, we danced our way to the bar for some pink champagne and then danced our way to the dance floor. This place was CRAZY! I absolutely loved it. They need to do that every week. Ok, they used to but had to shut it down because of fights. What is WITH people?? Anyway, after we danced the night almost away until 11pm, we headed to Ana's to top off the debauchery. Yeah, I'm lying, there really wasn't any debauchery. Imagine a pink punk wig, those eyelashes that made me feel invisible (see previous post about Snuffleupagus), and a couple of pink boas. And lots of champagne. No need to imagine...

Wenis and I at Ana's

There's a reason I don't drink champagne...I remembered that reason early Friday morning when I had to head into work.

Last Saturday, to keep the pink going, we did the Walk of Hope. It was a great day in the city, warm and clear, and we walked our tails off on the walk, then the trek down Market for some shopping. Still wearing our Walk of Hope shirts, we went into stores, and people actually congratulated us for doing the walk! First of all, I didn't think SF people were THAT nice, and second, in the grand scheme of things, all we did was walk. I guess every little bit counts, and I am happy to have participated in Walking for Hope.

Cheers to pink everything!

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